Seth Rollins Set To Take On Brock Lesnar?

The WWE originally planned to let Roman Reigns take the title from the Beast, but it seems the WWE is diverting their plans, allowing another WWE superstar to take on the Beast. One of the rumors going around on The Sportster is that Seth Rollins might be the next opponent for the Beast. Here is the story!

Turning Things Up?

If the match turns out the way we all hope, then it means WWE has heard our cries wanting a better Universal Champion. Lesnar disappears for months on end and gets paid ridiculous amounts of money to turn up, not to put on great matches. So, Seth Rollins taking the title from Lesnar could undoubtedly turn things up a notch.

Increased Criticism

The deal between Lesnar and the WWE did not get much resistance from the WWE Universe at first, but Lesnar’s regular absences certainly made the WWE fanbase more vocal regarding the WWE Universal Champion. Many want Lesnar to drop the title and who better to take it than Seth Rollins?

Who Will Drop His Title First?

Planned rivalries do not always have a clear outcome, especially in this case. Rollins is the current Intercontinental Championship, while Lesnar still holds the Universal Title. The question is, which man will drop the title first?

Lesnar was scheduled to lose the title at WrestleMania to Roman Reigns but didn’t. The WWE seems to do the opposite of what the WWE wants, keeping Lesnar on as the champion against everyone’s wishes.

Will Lesnar take the Intercontinental Championship from Seth Rollins? I hope not, because the last thing we need is Lesnar holding both championships hostage. If that is the case, I believe the WWE will lose an astronomical number of fans.

Seth Rollins is an outstanding Intercontinental Champion, so taking the title from him would be the stupidest thing to do. Also, it is almost certain that Brock will retain his Universal Championship until June 18, meaning he will beat the championship reign of CM Punk. While I do not like CM Punk on a personal level, he is a much better wrestler than Lesnar. Therefore, the title reign is almost an insult.

My ideal outcome? Lesnar drops the title sooner rather than later and Rollins can retain his Intercontinental Championship. Still, time will tell.

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