Sami Zayn “Apologizes” For Worst Raw Segment Ever

Some things can work in the WWE when it comes to segments, but there are others that don’t. One of the segments that certainly did not work was the Lashley sisters segment on the May 21st Monday Night Raw. The segment was so bad that Sami Zayn “apologized” the next week for it.

Lashley “Sisters”: Jessica, Frances, and Cathy

We all knew that the Lashley’s sister segment was not one we should take too seriously since it was likely some ‘fake’ sisters would show up.

Hopeful Fans

WWE fans love their drama, so many people were hoping the WWE would incorporate Lashley’s actual sisters in a dramatic storyline. Instead, we were left with some people in drag, which made the entire thing ridiculous from beginning to end.

The Apology

The segment was so universally panned and reviled that Zayn took to Raw on May 28th to “apologize.” He mentioned how Twitter and the WWE Universe hated it. However, his contrition was less than sincere. Frankly, this apology segment almost made-up for how bad the first one was. The fake apology resulted in Lashley and Zayn booking themselves in a match at the Money in the Bank PPV.

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