Ryback Lists Townhouse On Airbnb!

Ryback may have left the WWE some time ago, but he keeps on making headlines. Fortunately, the most recent headline is a not a negative one, albeit a little more unusual.

Various media channels, including Pro Wrestling Sheet, have picked up on the fact Ryback listed his townhouse to be rented out. Here is the story!

The Feed Me More Townhouse of Positivity

rent ryback's house

While Ryback is one of the most disliked wrestlers today, he still banks on his wrestling career when it comes to advertising his ‘holiday’ property. Dubbed ‘The Feed Me More Townhouse of Positivity,’ it is clear that Ryback is marketing his property for wrestling fans. While there have been no guest reviews, the property had five guests and has been viewed more than five-hundred times over the past week.

Price and Amenities

rent ryback's house

If you fancy spending the night in Ryback’s townhouse in LA, you will have to pay for it. Still, compared to some other vacation homes in LA, Ryback’s townhouse is decently priced at $139 per night.

There are some nice amenities inside and around the house that make it a worthy holiday investment. The townhouse has a laundry room, a pool, and even a spa directly behind the house. Ryback also listed other amenities for the property; this includes cable television, wireless internet, desk space, air conditioning, free parking on the premises, and a hot tub!

Note for Ryback Fans

rent ryback's house

If you are quite the Ryback fan and want to stay in the former WWE Superstar’s townhouse, it is important to know that Ryback has purchased this property with the purpose of renting it out. So, if you were hoping to spend some time in the Big Guy’s living space, you might get a little disappointed.

House Rules

rent ryback's house

Fans who want to stay in Ryback’s townhouse must follow the house rules, something quite common for holiday homes. Basic rules at the townhouse include no smoking, no pets, no parties and events. If you can live by those rules, Ryback’s townhouse might be a nice location for you.

From Wrestler to Home Investor?

rent ryback's house

Ryback had some ups and downs since his departure from the WWE, so it is only natural he is looking at other income sources. Property is certainly a smart investment, especially in a prime location such as Los Angeles.

Many WWE Superstars invest in property these days, since many realise their high-risk career is not going to last forever. Stars such as the Miz & Maryse, Nikki Bella, and John Cena all have invested in the property market.

Would you like to stay in Ryback’s townhouse? Or would you rather stay at an LA hotel? Let us know in the comment section below.

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