John Cena Thinks This NXT Star Will Be “The One”

Who is the next big star in WWE? Who will take the company into the next decade? Who will be the next John Cena? That’s the big question within WWE and fan circles. The Face That Runs The Place is stepping back to focus on his Hollywood career, so someone has to fill his shoes. WWE put a lot of hope into Roman Reigns, but fans are lukewarm on the Big Dog. Could the next transcendent WWE star be still in NXT? John Cena himself thinks so. He believes the bizarre and fluid Velveteen Dream will be “the one.”

via ProWrestlingSheet:

Cena quickly pointed to Velveteen and said, “You know how in the Star Wars movies the old Jedis can look at the rookie Jedis and be like, ‘I think that’s the one.’ I kinda have a weird, odd midichlorian feeling about Velveteen Dream.  I think there’s something special there.”

Can Velveteen Dream be “The One”

Velveteen has all the makings of a big star. He’s a unique character, can cut a great promo, out of this world charisma, and he’s a great wrestler to boot. In short… His aura of whatever? I see it.

In an era where everyone seems to be a “wrestler” working hard and living their dream, Veleveteen Dream is a fresh gimmick. He’s what NXT needs and will be an asset once he hits the main roster. Plus, he’s got the best ring great in the company

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I think Cena is right, given the right spotlight and enough time to shine, Velveteen Dream could be a massive star.

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