John Cena Shocks Fans With New Look

While there are certainly a lot of things that score higher on the “news” list, John Cena’s new look has put many WWE fans in a right tailspin. Here’s the story! John Cena Goatee?

John Cena’s New Beard


Cena recently appeared in public with a little rougher look than usual. While we are used to seeing Cena clean-shaven, this time it would appear Cena is growing a beard!

My Take on Things

We have seen Cena on television with the same look for years, so this looks incredibly strange to everyone. As you may expect, Cena’s new look has caused fans to start speculating about the cause. There are also some fun reactions! Here are some of the latest tweets on Cena’s new look:




The consensus of opinions? Many believe Cena has a bit of a midlife crisis. Others think he is preparing for a movie role? Some people also believe he might be doing some weird media appearances to deflect the attention of his budding relationship with Carmella?

Honestly, I don’t really care and I’m team Nikki at this point. If rumors are true, Cena is a quite the douche. So, who cares if he has facial hair or not?

Your opinion on Cena’s new facial hair?

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