Joe Rogan Calls CM Punk Fight In UFC ‘F-ckin Crazy’, Criticizes Punk’s Team + More

CM Punk really sing with Clay Guida

Joe Rogan recently gave his thoughts on the upcoming CM Punk fight against Mike Jackson at UFC 225.

Rogan talked about Punk’s first blow-out loss to Mickey Gall and talked about the silliness of certain people thinking the power of positive thinking can help you overcome anything:

“That sh-t is not enough. If weigh 110 pounds, you can positive think your way to the bank. Francis Ngannou is still gonna punch your brains out. There’s just no way around it. And a guy who has really very little experience in martial arts and has rudimentary control of his body… I mean that’s what I saw when I saw him training. When I saw him training I thought, ‘oh my God. This guy is gonna get killed.'”

He then talked about how Punk and Jackson do not belong on a professional fighting stage of this magnitude, being that they have next to no experience:

“It shouldn’t even be in a Tuesday night contenders show. It should be in some amateur event somewhere because that’s really what they are. They’re guy learning how to compete. They’re in the first fight in the pay-per-view… That’s f-ckin’ crazy!

Rogan analyzed what he saw in Punk’s demeanor as he walked out to the cage that first time and criticized the team in Punk’s corner for ever allowing a man to walk into such a fate as the one Punk did that night:

“What was really weird watching him walk to the cage was that he was approaching it like a pro wrestling fight. ‘Cause he had done so many of these pro wrestling matches that he was walking to the cage with pro wrestling mannerisms and everything. And while I was watching this, I did like an internal head shake like ‘ah f-ck.’ It was a terrible idea. Whoever on his side said that he could fight Mickey Gall, you’re out of your f-ckin’ mind. Watch that kid fight once. That kid is very good on the ground. Very good. His stand-ups not bad either. He’s tough as sh-t and he’s smart and he’s clever and he’s mean. He’s a mean f-cker.”

Punk’s next fight is a last-chance opportunity. Dana White explicitly said recently that the reason Punk is being put on such a stage is because he can sell lots of pay-per-views. However, if he does not win, White says it’ll be his last hurrah in a UFC cage.

Watch the full clip Rogan’s statements below:


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