Here’s The List Of WWE’s Most Creative Cheaters

Some wrestlers are incredibly creative when it comes to winning a match by cheating. Below, we have created a list of the most creative cheaters in WWE history. So, are you ready to enjoy some innovate and unique cheating methods?

Spear Protection

During a match against Goldberg, Bret Hart made sure he had some insurance against the legend’s spear. After being hit by Goldberg with a spear, it turned out he had some protective armor underneath his shirt.

William Regal with Knuckles

One of the biggest cheaters in WWE history is undoubtedly William Regal. The great British wrestler was known to carry some knuckles with him during matches, even after he was searched by a referee. You have to wonder where he was hiding them! Of course, sometimes it didn’t work like he wanted it to, especially when you think of the match between him and the Big Show.

All the Cheats in the Book with the Miz

When you think about some of the biggest cheaters on the current roster, your mind immediately goes to the Miz. From using Maryse as a human shield to getting his personal protection in the form of an entourage, he’s done it all. The Miz has built a career on dirty wins, and we love it.

He Lied, Cheated and Stole – Eddie Guerrero

If you mention the biggest cheaters in history, you cannot pass over Eddie Guerrero. His whole gimmick was “I lie, I cheat and I steal”, so this legend certainly takes the cake where innovative ways of cheating are concerned.

Playing the Game – Triple H

Triple H is not shy about using a dirty trick or two to get a win; this much has been clear over the years. When things got tough, he used his loyal hammer, but he also cheated in other ways. Whether he lulled his rivals into a false sense of security or turned on his actual friends, Triple H has always been great at what he does!

The Dirtiest Player – Rick Flair

During his wrestling career, Rick Flair was known as the dirtiest player in the game; this referred to his many wins attributed to cheating. Until this day, there is no wrestler who rivals Flair when it comes to dirty wins. Therefore, all aspiring cheaters could certainly learn from Flair.

Twin Magic – The Bella Twins

When Nikki and Brie Bella were on their heel run, they often used some shady tactics to win. One of these tactics was switching places during a match. This switch was often referred to as Twin Magic. Not only did this trick confuse their opponents, it also confused the referees!

We’ve mentioned a lot of popular cheaters today, which have charmed us with their creativity in cheating. Naturally, there are many others who have pulled a cheating stunt that may stand out for you. So, we ask you: what is your favorite cheating moment in the WWE? Let us know your top three below, and we look forward to reading your responses!