Dastardly Villain Tommaso Ciampa Reveals His Dream Opponent

In an era of “smart fans” booing good guys and cheering bad guys, NXT’s top villain Tommaso Ciampa is an anomaly. He isn’t trying to be cool or different. Ciampa is just an angry bitter man who has made it his life’s goal to ruin the life of crowd favorite, ultimate good guy, and former best friend Johnny Gargano.

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Not only is he universally reviled and booed on NXT TV, but he keeps his character going strong on Twitter. Leading to some mean and heelish tweets. He goes after everyone.

From Gargano’s wife Candice Lerae

To the fans.

Even the WWE Network!

And he even takes the “dream opponent” question and answers it in the best worst way he can.


Oh, Tomasso, you villain! 

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