Changes Expected to Happen After Fox’s Acquisition of SmackDown Live

Fox’s recent acquisition of SmackDown Live will have a severe impact on the entire company, which means changes will not be limited to SmackDown Live alone. After analyzing some of the changes that are already in place, here are some of the adjustments set to happen in the WWE as a result of Fox Network.

More Indie Wrestlers Recruited by the WWE

It is indeed no secret that the WWE has raided some major talent from the indies; this includes EC3, Bobby Lashley, Adam Cole, and Ricochet. However, Fox’s acquisition of the SmackDown Live brand could lead to even more indie stars being poached by the WWE.

The increased recruiting policy could be a result of the recent deal with Fox, which gives the WWE a lot more funds! Of course, they also made a deal with Saudi Arabia for the next ten years, which provides the WWE with even more money to recruit some of the biggest indie stars and diversify their brand.

No More Blurred Lines Between Raw and SmackDown Live

Since Raw and SDL are on two completely different channels, it is expected that both shows will bring something different. While this was supposed to happen with the brand split, the company has continued to blur the lines between Raw and SmackDown Live.

Longer SmackDown Live Show?

It is already known that all pay-per-views are expected to increase to a four-hour time slot, but the duration of SDL is still a point of contention. Some believe SmackDown Live will be elongated by an hour as well. However, this could only be possible by airing the third hour on FS1.

Better Television Shows

In the past, the WWE used its Raw and SDL shows to build to the pay-per-view. However, with Fox acquiring SmackDown Live, it is expected that the television shows will become the center of the company’s attention.

Having better television shows is not a bad thing, because I find myself a little bored during most of Raw and SDL. Still, if the WWE is making the presentations a lot more spectacular, the pay-per-views have to be even better!

What changes do you expect to happen with Fox acquiring SmackDown Live?

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