3 Reasons WWE Must Turn Roman Reigns Heel

Roman Reigns is one of the most discussed personas in the WWE; there is no denying that. However, many believe the company should seriously consider a heel turn, making him a villain. I agree with this, although he is a big merchandise seller among women and children, which could cause a heel turn to be less profitable. Despite this, let us take a look at three reasons why Roman should turn heel!

1. A Character Change

One of the most significant advantages of turning Roman heel is giving him a character change! A lot of wrestling lovers hate the vest, claiming it makes it seem like he has additional protection against blows and hits. His overall character does not work great with the male part of the WWE Universe, so a change in tone could turn things around for him.

2. Creative Freedom

Everyone knows that being a heel allows for more creativity inside and outside the ring, just think about the time when Seth Rollins was the main baddie on Raw. Seth Rollins was an excellent heel, even though he is doing quite well as a face at the moment.

Roman turning heel could give him the opportunity to experiment more with his character, but also shine on the mic. As a face or tween, he does not have a lot of freedom where things to say are concerned.

3. Win Over The Male WWE Fans

The biggest group of Roman dislikes comes from the male WWE Universe. Considering the fact that their wives and children are his fans, it is indeed not a surprise. Still, if the WWE was to turn Roman heel for a period, it could help him win over the group that dislikes him so much.

Male fans take more to the heels. That is a statistic fact. Just think about Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins (during his heel period). Think about how many supporters were male? So, if the WWE is looking to conquer that part of the WWE fan base with Roman, a heel turn could be in order.

What do you think? Should Roman be face, heel, or tween?

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