WWE Takes Out Restraining Order Against Scatological Superfan

One of the stranger WWE stories recently was the news that the WWE has taken out a restraining order against a fan, Armando Montalvo. However, this is not your avid fanatic fan. WWE had to go to drastic measures to get a certain disturbed person away from WWE facilities.

Armando Montalvo’s Mental Health Problems

Complex and TMZ have reported that a judge had Montalvo committed to a state mental hospital last year. However, he recently resurfaced and resumed his WWE hunt.

Harassment and Threats

Armando has a track record with WWE employees going back years. In July 2015, he allegedly smeared his feces all over the wall in the WWE Orlando training center.

According to TMZ, Armando harassed various employees during an NXT taping in Florida. During the event, he allegedly screamed about a vile nickname he created for himself.

The WWE did not hear the last of Armando yet though since he returned to the WWE training center in Orlando and subsequently threatened police officers with rocks. He was shot after threatening police officers with rocks, but he recovered.

Still, the WWE did not seek a restraining order until the 4th of April this year, where Armando released a cryptic message containing threats to WWE staff and wrestlers. He even posted a video on his Instagram account, telling Vince McMahon to “shove it up your a**” while howling like a dog.

Mental Health and Obsession

I have suffered from agoraphobia for years, so I know first-hand how mental health problems can take over your entire life. It is not uncommon for people with mental health issues to obsess over something. In the case of this fan, his obsession became the WWE.

While it may appear like a funny story at first, this man needs some serious help. He has been committed in the past, but it seems like he has not been helped whatsoever. Unfortunately, some mental health problems are persistent and if not treated, they can remain for many years. I hope Armando Montalvo gets the help he requires. He has already been shot once due to his strange behavior. If he does not get the help he needs, he will be a danger to himself and others.

What do you think about this story? Does Armando Montalvo need help? Let us know in the comment section below.

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