WWE Superstars Have Dinner With Saudi Sheikh

WWE has spent the last week in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia doing press and promotion for the Greatest Royal Rumble Event. WWE SuperStars have been spotted on yachts, malls, hospitals, and TV Shows interacting with the Saudis. This entire project is part of the strict country’s efforts at modernization. They’re allegedly paying WWE nearly $100 Million to put on the event that will feature the largest Royal Rumble in WWE history with 50 superstars competing.

Part of that promotion was a dinner WWE’s biggest stars had with Turki Al-Sheikh, the head of the kingdom’s General Sports Authority. The GSA is the government entity hosting the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Check out which big stars attended and where they were sat!





Greatest Royal Rumble Seating Arrangements!

What’s curious to me is who is sitting with who. Seems like Vince McMahon is sitting with Angle/Lesnar/Taker while Triple H sits with Roman/Braun/Shane. Then further down the table you have The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Rusev, and Rey Mysterio.

Angle, Braun, Shane, Khali, Henry, Orton, and Mysterio are all competing in the 50-man Royal Rumble. Taker and Rusev face off in a casket match. Triple H will challenge John Cena (curiously absent) in a match that WWE announced will go on first at the event!

Of course the dinner doesn’t maintain any semblance of kayfabe.  Rather, Braun and Roman are sitting next to eachother? How could Roman even be in the same room as Lesnar? The only wrestler “protecting the business” was Rey Mysterio rocking one of his signature masks!

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