Weeks After Open Heart Surgery – Vader Returns To The Hospital!

WCW and WWF legend Big Van Vader (real name Leon White) has had some health struggles over the last few years. No surprise considering Vader is a giant man who put his body through the ringer for decades wrestling in the United States and Japan.

Open heart surgery is no joke. It is one of the most complicated and invasive procedures available and is almost always used as a last result to prevent certain death. Open heart surgery is so dramatic on the body and the heart that it can only be performed safely one time.

The day of the surgery Vader’s son Jesse, himself a former wrestler, gave us an update on the Mastadon’s status.

The road to recovery is long, and it often includes setbacks. Vader announces that he is returning to hospital with severe pain and possible pneumonia. But he’s defiant and confident.

Vader’s Career

Vader began his career in the AWA before moving to Japan and reaching legendary status with New Japan and All Japan wrestling. He is one of the few wrestlers to win the WCW, IWGP, and Triple Crown Heavyweight championships.

In WCW Vader was a legit monster, winning the US and World Heavyweight belts. He was known for a ferocious offense that sidelined Sting, Nikita Koloff, Cactus Jack, and several other enhancement talents. His style starkly contrasted with the more technical style seen in the NWA and WCW at the time.

He also wrestled in WWF with limited success, feuding with Shawn Michaels, Yokozuna, Kane, and the Undertaker. His defeat of Kante at Over the Edge 1998 led to the Devil’s Favorite Demon to be unmasked for the first time.

A former professional football player, Vader was known for his size, power, and surprising agility. His “Vadersault” was considered revolutionary at the time and served as a precursor for other big men using aerial finishers.

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