The Undertaker Returns At WrestleMania!

True to his word, John Cena is at WrestleMania…as a fan. The multi-time world champion came into the Superdome and took a seat amongst the crowd where he was swarmed by dozens of adoring fans looking for pictures with the Face That Runs The Place.

Let’s check in with Big Match John:

He even found the Undertaker!


But after Asuka vs. Charlotte, a ref ran to Cena to tell him that Undertaker was backstage.

Later on in the night…

John Cena was told the Undertaker wasn’t coming out. As he was about to leave he was interrupted by the lights turning off. But it turned out to be another long-haired traveler. WrestleMania walked with Elias!

So Cena just beat up the Drifter and walked dejectedly to the backstage area. Walking up the ramp, his music suddenly stopped. Cena paused, unsure of what was going on. Then a dark realization came over his face. The lights dropped once again. And Taker’s folded hat and jacket from last year’s WrestleMania match appeared in the ring.

Lightning struck and the hat and coat were gone! It was at that moment that Cena knew he screwed up.


The gong rang out…

Undertaker returned to the ring and squared off!

The Phenom began hitting all of his signature moves on Cena. Shot after shot. Old School, Snakeyes, the Big boot, running clotheslines. Even the sit-up followed by a chokeslam! Taker Tombstoned Cena in a total squash. Unbelievable.


Is the Undertaker back? He looked to be in great shape, better than he’s looked and moved in a few years. Will we see him back in the ring for one last run? Time will tell. I’m so glad Undertaker came back, even if it wasn’t “Biker Taker.”

Are you glad Undertaker came back? Are you surprised how quickly he beat John Cena? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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