Shocking Title Change On The First Segment Of Raw!

The Superstar Shakeup is the annual time to shuffle the deck and create some new stories and fresh match-ups. There will be a few surprises, including some exciting NXT call-ups. For all of our previews, check out this.

The first big change was the US Title holder Jinder Mahal coming to Raw to a monsoon of boos. Mahal demanded a limo and said he was better than everyone on the Raw roster. Raw GM Kurt Angle didn’t think much of that and instantly put him in a title match with Jeff Hardy!

The two put on a hell of a match and it ended with Jeff Hardy becoming a GRAND SLAM CHAMPION by winning the US title for the first time!

Jeff Hardy deserves it. There’s not a harder-working good guy who has legitimately come back from more hard times, than the Charismatic Enigma.

Jeff Hardy is a fan favorite because of his daredevil attitude as well. Even in this match he was jumping and diving like a crazy madman.

Jinder looked really good in the match as well, laying in a few brutal strikes and kicks.

Congrats Jeff!