Scott Steiner Is Back!!!

HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME! The Big Bad Booty Daddy aka Big Poppa Bump aka Scott Steiner is back! The veteran known as much for his mic-skills as his in-ring skills returned to IMPACT wrestling on April 22nd for the promotion’s “Redemption” PPV.

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The show was the latest hard reset for the often maligned brand and featured new title belts and a few exciting debuts. But everyone is talking about Steiner’s return in the Impact Tag Title match. The WCW icon teamed up with former Impact Champion Eli Drake to take on LAX.

On paper, this seems like a match where Steiner comes in for one night and helps put the young LAX team over. Well, that was until this happened…


And get this…he won! Yes, Scott Steiner is a tag champion of a major promotion in the year of our Lord 2018!

And don’t worry, we got a few classic Steiner promos out of it too!


Check out their fancy shiny new belts!

The Redemption PPV was an exciting one. To be honest, I am going to make sure we put more of an effort into our IMPACT coverage. They’re really trying something different and so far it is working!

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