People Love That There Aren’t “Smart” fans at The Greatest Royal Rumble

Annoying fans chanting and trying to make themselves a part of the show have become a fact of life for WWE shows in the US. Booing the good guys, cheering the bad guys. Frankly, it is annoying. It makes me not want to go to a wrestling event. It is made worse because these “smart fans” are usually men in their 20s who like to pretend they know everything about wrestling, usually drowning out the cheers of kids. But during the Greatest Royal Rumble, we didn’t hear “Cena Sucks” or see any beachballs. Instead, we saw fans cheering and booing. They were into the wrestling. Western fans noticed and loved it.

It was made all the better when the crowd when NUTS for John Cena’s entrance!

The crowd reacted to every little moment. Even a test of strength got the crowd excited!

As I’ve said, watching wrestling with kids is the best!

It was like watching classic wrestling!


It is nice to enjoy the show without over-thinking it!

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