Neville WWE Contract Update

Neville has not been on WWE television since October, but fans have not forgotten him. We are still looking for the latest news regarding his WWE contract! This is the news we managed to obtain.

Sitting Out His Contract

While there was some hope Neville would return, considering 205Live now falls under the jurisdiction of Triple H, it seems Neville has not reached an agreement with the WWE about a possible return.

According to Johnson from “PWInsider,” Neville is currently at home; this means there are no plans for Neville to come back to 205Live or the main roster in the nearby future. Johnson also claims Neville is still looking for ways to get out of his contract since the WWE is refusing to release him.

WWE Strategy?

I have no doubt that letting Neville’s contract run its course is a strategy by the WWE. Neville is a fan-favorite, so any indie wrestling promotion that ends up acquiring him would get a massive influx of viewers. Releasing Neville could cost them dearly where fan numbers are concerned, so instead, they are letting his contract run out, hoping people will forget.

From a business standpoint, I can understand the WWE’s decision not to release Neville. However, sometimes we have to remember we are dealing with people’s lives, not just the money aspect of things. Neville was unhappy with his role in 205Live and walked out of the promotion. The WWE is holding him ransom, much like Jeff Jarrett held his Intercontinental Championship as a bargaining chip many years ago.

I hope that Triple H and Neville can come to some agreement. It would be a shame to waste Neville’s talent. He should have gotten a much more significant role in the promotion in the first place, so why not go back to the negotiating table.

What should the WWE do to get Neville back? Put your ideas in the comment section below!

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