Mike Kanellis Defends the WWE And His Spot

Mike Kanellis

Mike Kanellis‘ short participation in the Greatest Royal Rumble caused quite the ruckus among his fans. Even I would have loved to have seen a little more of Mike Kanellis during the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Despite his short participation, Mike Kanellis is defending the WWE with everything he has. The reason why I am covering this story is that I love how Mike is standing behind the company he is working primary. He’s not complaining; he’s grateful for the opportunities he is getting. What a lovely way to look at things!

Defending His Brand


I agree wholeheartedly with Mike Kanellis. There are thousands of people who would love the opportunity to work for the WWE. They can only dream of having a spot on the main roster, no matter in what kind of role or capacity. So, this obviously puts things into perspective for Mike Kanellis.

Don’t You Want a Bigger Role?

Fans did get into it with Mike Kanellis, mainly fans who know how talented he is and want to see more of him. However, he once again put things into perspective by speaking candidly about his role in the WWE.



Let me say that having a guy like Mike Kanellis (or Mike Bennett) in your company is right for your business. If more wrestlers had his mentality, there would be less backstabbing and less drama backstage. We all need to learn that being grateful is the main key to happiness. We always want more, but that does not mean it will make us happy.

Titus “WorldSlide”


After his marvelous entry in the Greatest Royal Rumble, Titus had some words for Mike Kanellis too. Being a beloved superstar himself, Titus knows what it is like to get some serious fan responses.

Upcoming Rivalry with Zack Ryder?

There is also some tension between Mike and Zack on social media, which seems to hint at an upcoming rivalry. However, fans are not sure that Ryder’s comments are serious or not, since he got injured during a match with Kanellis shortly before the Greatest Royal Rumble. Still, I would love to see a match between these two. So, yes please!

What do you think about Mike’s company attitude? Let us know in the comment section below!

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