Huge Brock Lesnar Contract Deal Leaked!

Brock Lesnar’s previous contract kept him in the WWE until WrestleMania, but the WWE has worked out a new deal with the “Beast Incarnate.” The terms of Brock’s new contract have reportedly leaked to various media channels, and it is a shocker! Here is the story!

The Alleged Details of Brock’s New Contract

We all believed Brock Lesnar had a sweet deal before, but if these new details of his latest contract are right, he has obtained an even sweeter deal!

According to wrestling website “Dirty Sheets,”¬†Brock Lesnar’s new deal entails approximately $100,000 for each television appearance, and here is the real kicker, he does not even have to wrestle to get this paycheck. No surprises there!

Lesnar allegedly gets more for pay-per-view appearances. British Newspaper¬†“The Sun” states that Brock Lesnar will get ¬£350,000 for pay-per-view appearances; this comes down to approximately half a million dollars per pay-per-view!

What Do I Think About the Latest Developments of Brock Lesnar’s Contract?

While I have no problems with someone being successful and getting big bucks, some part of me does not see this as a good deal. Brock Lesnar’s matches have left much to be desired, making me wonder why he is getting such a high payday?

Of course, the released contract details could be planted from the WWE to get Roman Reigns over, but I honestly believe this is not the case. Brock has been getting quite the sweet deal since his return from the UFC, despite making limited appearances with the WWE Championship belt. So, it is no stretch that this latest contract is even better for the “Beast.”

I have no issues with a veteran getting a new deal, but these contract details are ridiculous! Other wrestlers on the roster are working every week and putting on a good show for fans, while Lesnar is remarkably absent. Yes, the WWE is playing on that fact at the moment, but it has been happening for longer than a WWE storyline.

What Should Brock’s Contract Entail?

Even though I do not like the man nor enjoy his matches, creating a fair contract for Brock Lesnar might be quite the chore. I do not believe he would still be wrestling if he got a deal similar to other veterans on the roster. So, should the WWE rearrange its priorities? I think yes!

What do you think about the alleged details of Brock Lesnar’s new contract? Let us know in the comment section below!

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