The Greatest Royal Rumble is set to be one of the biggest moments in WWE history. A historic show of size and scope that solidifies WWE as a global leader in entertainment. Apart from the 50-man Royal Rumble match, every single men’s title was defended. And of course, that means there would be a few surprises. Including a few surprise returns in the Greatest Royal Rumble Match!

Hall of Famer Mark Henry!!!

A Sumo wrestler named Hiroki Sumi (yea, we don’t know who he is either)


NXT’s Tucker Knight (from Heavy Machinery)

Not a total surprise but…Rey Mysterio!


Another NXT debut Babatunde (ex-football player half-Nigerian half-Polish giant)

Dan Matha!


And there were a few signature moments!

Shane McMahon was murdered by Braun Strowman

Braun hunted down Curt Hawkins

Oh no, Titus!

Of course, we had the signature Kofi save!

Big E brought pancakes!

Here’s how the Greatest Royal Rumble Ended

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