Here’s All The WrestleMania Week Shows You Have To See Live

Due to a very inconsiderate friend getting married on Saturday, April 7th, I will not be in New Orleans for Wrestlemania week. So, I need you to see some wrestling for me. Wrestlemania week continues to grow with indie promotions stepping up big time with awesome mega-cards. For a complete run-down for everything going down on the weekend, check out this tweet. Check out these indie wrestling Wrestlemania week shows!

That is A LOT of wrestling. But which ones should you go to? Let me be your guide. Here’s a list of shows you should make a point of seeing. I am not including Wrestlemania/Takeover or Ring of Honor’s Honor Rising event because those shows are already packed and have enough attention. And if you aren’t going to be in New Orleans, a lot of these will be streaming live, mostly on WWNLive.com


Game Changer Wrestling: Matthew Riddle’s Bloodsport

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This is an MMA-Wrestling hybrid show where the only way to win is by Knockout or Submission. Featuring former UFC stars Dan Severn and Tom Lawler. Other big names on the show include deathmatch legends MASADA and Nick Gage. Matt Riddle, the UFC star turned indie wrestling star the show is named after faces off against indie icon Low Ki in a match that will probably lead to severe brain damage.

Wrestlecon SuperShow


This is probably the most “complete” show of the weekend. It has something for indie and nostalgic fans. Former WWE stars Emma and the Mexicools will be on the card along with Ring of Honor and flat-earther Flip Gordon. The match of the night will be Japanese mega stars the Golden Loves (Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega) facing off against indie wrestling comedy genius Chuck Taylor and opponent to be named


The Crash Lucha Libre


IF you’re looking for some high-flying and flat-out dangerous Lucha libre, you need to go to the Crash show. This is the best place to check out all the best wrestlers north and south of the border who practice the Mexican wrestling style. Lucha Underground stars Penta and El Fenix as well as amazing private part wrestler Joey Ryan will take part in the show. You’ll also get to see some deathmatch-lucha from Aeroboy and Drastik Boy.

Joey Janela’s Spring Break Two

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This is the wildest show of the weekend. An indie show booked by a bad boy both in gimmick and real life, Joey Janela. Janela is the current indie DIY darling, wrestling all over and breaking every rule and convention he can along the way.  Janela booked himself against Japanese high-flying legend The Great Sasuke. Austrian megalith WALTER wrestlers former Quebecer tag team member PCO. David Starr and Mike Quackenbush will put on the most technical show of the weekend. James Ellsworth wrestles Matt Riddle in what will be the weirdest match of the weekend. There will also be a battle royal “Clusterf*ck” featuring a host of indie and legend talent and an Invisible Man.


Style Battle Finale

(tickets) (stream online)

Another WWN product, Style Battle, as the name implies, features different wrestling genres colliding with some exciting results. A tournament featuring deathmatch legend (and my favorite wrestler) Nick Gage vs. why-isn’t-he-signed yet agile big man Keith Lee headlines the event. Honestly, you should go for the Gage/Lee match alone because it will be violent and beautiful and everything that makes me love independent wrestling.

WWE Goes Indies All Weekend

There are plenty of shows and SO MUCH good indie wrestling Wrestlemania week that it is hard to keep up. Even Wrestlemania Axxess will have some indie wrestling and four title tournaments going on and indie dream matches, naming Kassius Ohno going against WALTER. Details here.

Are you going to New Orleans for Wrestlemania? Are you going to see some indie wrestling Wrestlemania week? What shows are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section below.

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