Here Is Braun Strowman’s Surprise Tag Partner

There was a big surprise during Raw on March 12th! While many people expected Braun Strowman to go after the Intercontinental Championship, it seems like the WWE is planning to have Braun go for the Tag Team Championship instead! Here is the story!

Braun Does What He Wants!

The WWE wants to make it clear that Braun’s character does what he wants, even if what he’s doing does not make much sense. When several tag teams battled it out in a Battle Royal to determine who would face The Bar at WrestleMania, Braun Strowman showed up as well!

Even though Braun appearing was absolutely wonderful, it was one of the strangest WWE moments I had ever seen. Strowman did not have a partner in the match. So? He does what he wants!

Braun Does Not Need a Tag Team Partner

As the match progressed, it soon became clear Braun did not need a tag team partner at all to compete in the Tag Team Battle Royal! While Strowman got overpowered at one point, he made it back into the ring and eliminated Titus O’Neil, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel, The Club, and others, becoming the main contender for the Tag Team Championships.

Wait, How Will This Work?

While it is certainly unusual, I can see Braun Strowman take on Cesaro and Sheamus. Of course, you do have to wonder if there is something in the rules that says the Tag Team Championship cannot be won by a single man. If this is the case, then Braun Strowman might need a tag team partner.

In fact, Kurt Angle announced that he needed to choose one.

On the last Raw before WrestleMania, Braun tried to pull a fast one and reveal his partner as his brother “Brains Strowman.”

It looks like we won’t know Braun’s partner until WrestleMania. So, who could it be? Here are four options.

Big Show

The world’s largest athlete makes his return to WWE at Friday’s Hall of Fame ceremony. Is it possible that Show arrives, costs Braun the title, and then the two feud? Sure, why not.


Wreddit user Bayaler posted the following theory:

“Batista has supposedly been wanting to return on a full time schedule. What better way to let him get back into the groove of things than by being in a tag team? And imagine the match for when they inevitably break up and turn on each other. Braun vs Batista at SummerSlam? I think so”

Hulk Hogan

Despite WWE repeatedly saying the Hulkster is not back in any form with WWE, the rumors continue to percolate. What better way to bring back the Hulkster than on the grandest stage of them all? Expect this to happen if Hogan suddenly posts some deep and sincere apology.

Lars Sullivan

Sullivan is the next big up. He’s tearing up NXT at the moment. But Braun’s too young in his career to start putting young guys over. And that’s what would have to happen here. The two would have to feud in the ultimate agile HOSS fight.

But at WrestleMania, Braun picked a tag partner…out of the crowd. And he picked…a child. GIVE IT UP FOR NICHOLAS!

And then Braun won. So yes. Braun and a 10-year-old boy are now Raw Tag Team Champs!


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