Gail Kim Criticizes Stephanie McMahon Over Women’s Revolution!

WWE’s Women’s Revolution has been praised by fans and wrestlers alike for finally elevating WWE’s women to the same level as its men. But Gail Kim recently said that Stephanie McMahon could have launched the movement years ago.

Speaking with “Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly,” Kim criticized Stephanie for waiting to push the Women’s Revolution only after she realized it was a good business move.

“WWE always thinks in a business mindset. For them, they are thinking, ‘ok this woman’s revolution is becoming hot, Ronda Rousey, this ‘Me Too’ movement’; so of course to be honest I’m going to say this, because I’ve said it on Twitter, Stephanie (McMahon) could have been fighting for us a long time ago.

Kim also hinted that women had lobbied for fairer treatment while she was in WWE, but Stephanie showed “zero interest in fighting for women back then.”

She was there every single time I worked there and she had zero interest in fighting for the women back then. So, for them, everything is business motivated. So, them having this women’s revolution, and it’s from the fans as well… the fans did demand it through social media and Vince heard it and made it happen. And I think finally the girls are getting treated the way they want to get treated.”

Too Little, Too Late?

Kim has always been outspoken about the treatment of women in the pro wrestling industry. In 2011, she famously eliminated herself from a Divas battle royal in protest of being told to get eliminated within the first minute.

Indeed, Kim is absolutely right that “WWE always thinks in a business mindset.” And maybe she’s even right that Stephanie could have pushed the envelope sooner. After all, while WWE’s Divas were still competing in pointless three-minute matches for a meaningless pink butterfly belt, TNA had both a Knockouts Championship and a Knockouts Tag Team Championship (may it rest in peace).

But I’m a firm believer that everything happens in its own time, and maybe WWE’s women just weren’t ready to push the envelope prior to the Women’s Revolution. Maybe they didn’t have the resources they needed, or the training they needed, or the depth of talent on the roster needed for successful competition. They certainly didn’t have the support they needed. But thanks to the power of social media they finally got that support, and now all of women’s wrestling is better off for it.

Do you agree with Gail Kim or not? Do you think WWE could have had the Women’s Revolution sooner, or did it happen right when it should have? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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