Five Best Moments From the “Andre The Giant” Documentary

A few weeks back HBO released a documentary chronicling the “larger-than” life of wrestling and cultural icon Andre The Giant. The seven-foot behemoth from the French Alps captured audiences both in the wrestling ring and on the silver screen. While most of the stories featured in the documentary are well-known to hardcore wrestling fans, there were still plenty of fascinating insights shared. Fans got an inside glimpse at the human that was a mythical being to so many. We found our five favorite moments from the documentary to share. From Andre’s legacy to his feats in and out of the ring, here are the five best moments from the Andre The Giant documentary on HBO.

Drinking Stories

Andre is considered the world’s greatest drinker. And at his size, it isn’t hard to see why.

Beating Up Hulk Hogan

Due to his size and seniority, Andre was considered a “locker room” leader who would deal out punishment when necessary. No one was immune to this, not even Hulk Hogan.

His Presence

Not only did Andre command presence with his body, but he also did it with his voice and his promos. But of course, his physical strength intimidated even the world’s strongest men, including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

His Bodily Functions

Coming with a big body comes with some significant problems. While Andre struggled with heart and mobility issues throughout his life, there is one part of his body that is rather funny.

His Affect On Crowds

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Andre’s larger than life persona captivated audiences. You were drawn to Andre. People couldn’t stop staring at him. When he entered a room, everyone paid attention. He was almost supernatural. He attracted massive crowds and is one of the biggest draws in wrestling history.

I would recommend the documentary. Even if you feel you know everything about Andre, hearing the stories and all of his contemporaries discuss his lasting legacy make it unique.

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