Every Major Change In The Superstar Shakeup

The Superstar Shakeup is the annual time to shuffle the deck and create some new stories and fresh match-ups. There will be a few surprises, including some exciting NXT call-ups. For all of our previews, check out this.

Here’s every big change in the Superstar Shakeup

The first big change was the US Title holder Jinder Mahal coming to Raw to a monsoon of boos. Mahal demanded a limo and said he was better than everyone on the Raw roster. Raw GM Kurt Angle didn’t think much of that and instantly put him in a title match with Jeff Hardy!

The two put on a hell of a match and it ended with Jeff Hardy becoming a GRAND SLAM CHAMPION by winning the US title for the first time!

During a match between Sasha Banks and Bayley, the RIOTT SQUAD showed up!!

The Miz brought on two shocking new stars…Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens! But he did this without Kurt Angle’s permission. As punishment, Kurt Angle sent The Miz to Smackdown, but there was a huge catch, NO MIZTOURAGE!!!

And on Twitter, another big change was announced!

Then the Raw tag team got FASHIONABLE!

Then the first female roster change! Nattie is coming to Raw and looking to be teaming up with and/or feuding with Ronda Rousey.

Then Raw got a bit more bad hair and worse attitude!

Dolph didn’t come alone! He brought a former IC and NXT champion with him!

Later on in the night, we got another Raw addition, this time via video package. And hey, its one of Vince’s favorites!

Oh, Mojo Rawley is on Raw too


Chad Gable is splitting from Shelton Benjamin to move to Raw

Mike Bennett-Kanellis is also moving to the Red brand.

All night, WWE teased a surprise fifth entrant in a ten men tag. The mystery partner would join Lashley, Balor, Rollins, and Strowman against the soon-to-be-dissolved Miztourage and KO/Sami. Raw just got GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Superstar Shakeup then moved to Smackdown. With this line-up, Smackdown may be the “A Show” for WWE. Here’s everyone moving to the blue brand.

Former NXT champion Andrade “Cien” Almas (with manager Zelina Vega)

Former NXT Tag champions SAnitY

Asuka is officially on the blue brand as well!

The Club made the jump as well!

So did Big Cass!

One of the biggest acquisitions, if not the biggest, is Samoa Joe

Despite Paige’s retirement, Absolution is reunited (sort of) on Raw.

The US Title is staying put, as Jeff Hardy is coming to Smackdown as well

Maybe the oddest team coming to Smackdown is the Bar, who are set to face off for the Raw Tag Titles at The Greatest Royal Rumble event.

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