WWE billed Charlotte vs. Asuka as the most significant women’s match in WWE history. The undefeated Asuka goes up against the woman who has dominated the Women’s Division for three years, Charlotte Flair. Two of the most intimidating and athletic workers of either gender in the WWE roster. And boy did it deliver! Two women known for doing what it takes did whatever it took to capture the SmackDown Women’s Title. It started off with this fantastic entrance from Charlotte that harkened back to her first ever trip to WrestleMania when she was an extra in Triple H’s entrance.

The two went hold-for-hold at a breakneck pace to start the match.



They keep upping the ante!

Asuka put Charlotte in a devastating hold!


And then Charlotte did the unthinkable!!!! A Figure 8 on ONE ARM!

The Superdome is Streak-Proof.

What a match. I don’t think anyone expected Asuka’s streak to end, but if you’re going to go out, why not do it in an incredible match?

The two showed great poise. I want them to wrestle again on another big stage. Asuka’s streak was something special, but all streaks have to come to an end.

This match delivered. It was brutal and precise. It told a story and both women showed that they are the best at what they do. Hats off!

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