Carmella Becomes Longest Reigning Money In The Bank Holder

Women continue to make history in WWE. The world-leader in wrestling entertainment is finally showing that women can do all the things the men can do. That includes breaking records! Carmella just broke Edge’s record for the longest holder of the Money in the Bank Briefcase!

That’s great, but the honor is a bit dubious. It really just says that Carmella hasn’t successfully (or unsuccessfully) cashed-in. She’s tried at least three times on Smackdown Live but has been thwarted each time. The matches never officially started and so Carmella held onto the briefcase for another chance.

Does Carmella cash-in at Wrestlemania? It wouldn’t surprise me especially after Charlotte and Asuka put on what many expect to be the biggest and best women’s match in WWE history.

The Princess of Staten Island will be able to hold onto the title until at least June 17th at the MITB PPV in Chicago.

Congrats ‘Mella, but you should get cashing in and soon! 

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