Brie Bella Breaks Silence On John Cena’s Split From Her Sister

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Rumors continue to swirl around the reason Nikki Bella and John Cena broke off their engagement. A consensus seems to be that Nikki Bella pulled the plug herself due to Cena oscillating and having ‘cold feet.’ Another rumor emerging is that Nikki’s twin sister Brie is furious with John for putting her sister through this. Gossip sites reported that Brie wanted to “kill” John. But Brie went BRIE MODE on this rumors and responded strongly to the suggestion that she had anything but love for Cena.

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“False!!! I’d never say this and I’ll always love @johncena like a brother. He’ll always be family. My heart is hurting for he and my sister. #TRUTH”

Even if she was mad at John Cena, would you blame her? Nikki has wanted a marriage and a family for years. She wished that with John Cena. Even though Cena was very clear he wanted neither of those, Nikki continued to push him until their engagement last year. Is it possible John was trying to appease Nikki? Possibly.

Our Role In This

But we don’t know. We can continue to speculate, but we don’t know their hearts and we never will. They don’t have the freedom and privacy many of us have when dealing with a crumbling relationship. That is an unfortunate cost that comes with fame. That doesn’t mean we get to prod and poke, though we inevitably will.

I find myself asking the same questions I did during the Paige-DelRio saga of last summer. How much coverage and speculation is too far? What service are we providing to our readers and is it worth the negative energy we potentially put out into the world?

My role as a writer is one I don’t take lightly. I know people read Ringside as a source of good news and analysis. My job isn’t to tell you how to feel; it is to present facts and my opinion laid over it. You make the final decisions on how you’re supposed to feel. I know in this age privacy is a scarcity, but we all know what it is like to hurt and grieve. Would you want your entire life thrust out into the world for strangers to examine? No. But if you’re going to be famous and world-renowned, that may be the cost. Let’s try our best to respect John and Nikki through this time. They’re still human, even if they seem larger than life to us.

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