Braun Strowman Reveals His Predictions for His Own Career

One of the hottest WWE superstars at the moment is  Braun Strowman. He’s one of the rare stars with the entire WWE Universe behind him. Every week, fans cannot wait to see who or what Braun will destroy next. So there is indeed a big future waiting for Braun in the WWE.

Going to the Hall of Fame

According to Strowman himself, he is on the path to the hall of fame. Yes, he has a long way to go yet, but he stands out from the rest of the WWE roster!

Here are some of the statements made by Strowman regarding his career and where he is headed (statements obtained from “411 Mania”):

“A lot of it is WWE Creative really hitting the nail on the head that we do, and the other half is just my work ethic. I want to be the best.”

“I don’t believe going out and competing for second best. If I can’t be the best at something then I don’t want to do it, and that has always stuck with me. I had that mentality when I competed at World’s Strongest Man. I brought that mentality here. I am going to be a WWE Hall of Famer. I am.”

My Career Predictions for Braun Strowman

I have no doubt Braun Strowman will be a Hall of Famer. He has his physique going for him, and he has built quite the character for himself. Of course, this does not mean there isn’t any room for growth.

WWE commentary legend Jim Ross has touched on this subject during one of his podcasts. JR sang Strowman’s praises, but he also mentioned there was some work left to do. Every WWE superstar has to grow and develop in their way, so even though Strowman appears like a finished “product” to us, there might be some aspects of his character that Strowman could work on.

Still, Strowman is one of the most exciting superstars, and I’m always looking forward to watching wrestling because of that reason. Do I believe Strowman will become a legend? Oh yes!

Do you think Strowman will be a Hall of Famer one day? Let us know in the comment section below.

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