What WWE Can Learn From The Hit Game “Fortnite Battle Royale”

Fortnite is the hottest video game going right now. The unique ” battle royale winner take all” structure, a variety of weapons, and massive map mean no two games are the same. I play every day after work and I am addicted. You can play it with friends, or just yourself and it is just as fun. For me, Fortnite has brought back the fun of Goldeneye, Halo, and even Counterstrike. I’ve never even liked third person shooters that much until I played this game.

It has even made it onto UpUpDownDown, here’s Xavier Woods trying it out.

A user on the Squared Circle subreddit, Benvio, even suggested a Fortnite-style Battle Royale Match. This could be wild and fun!

Cash in on the success of PUBG/Fortnite. 50 opponents start scattered throughout the arena. Pinfall or submission elimination, no DQ.

Every 5 minutes a klaxon sounds and the fight area gets reduces from whole arena to backstage, ramp and ring area, ring area and finally ring only. Anyone not in the next area when the klaxon sounds is eliminated.

Heels hide like cowards, faces duke it out. More tactical than a traditional match so could serve to highlight some of the smaller guys on the roster. Could be a great addition to Survivor Series.

And what if WWE Superstars played Fornite? Here’s the type of players they’d be.

John Cena – Gets The Chug Jug Instantly – Then Kills Someone With His Axe To Get Another One

Roman Reigns – Finds Two Golden Chests – Gets Nothing Good Out Of Them

Bray Wyatt – Builds elaborate sniper post but falls from it instantly.

The Miz -Cheats Constantly And Reports People For Cheating When He Loses

Big Show – Plays Duos but refuses to revive their partner

Who should we add? Do you play Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below.