Velveteen Dream Builds Feud With Ricochet Over Twitter

Professional wrestlers who want a decent rivalry often have to lay the groundwork himself, something we believe Velveteen Dream is doing right now. With a recent tweet being less than polite to indie stars, Velveteen Dream could be laying the groundwork for an epic rivalry with Ricochet or other recent additions to NXT.

Velveteen’s Tweet

Velveteen’s tweet was released on the 22nd of February 2018. He seemed to have some harsh words for indie stars, making many people believe he is angling for a rivalry.

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between reality and a “work,” so you can imagine the responses of fans to this tweet. Since the line between character and the real person is often blurred, Velveteen Dream got some serious responses from fans on his Twitter account, some of which have been mentioned below.

“dang, I love ya patrick, but come on! the only reason you even got your start in wwe is because of some reality show, so don’t trash talk about people that actually earned their way.” brendan j bradley

Once someone mentioned it was a work, these are some of the reactions from the fans.

“I hope so, because if not i’ve lost a ton of respect for him.” brendan j bradley

“course it is. Think of the feuds that come from this tweet. dream vs. strong, dream vs. ricochet, even dream vs. candice la rae would work from this”. Ed

Ricochet Being a Possible Opponent?

As mentioned by one person in a long line of tweets, Ricochet seems to be a rumored opponent for the Velveteen Dream. In all honesty, I seriously doubt that Velveteen Dream would believe this tweet, being in the business himself. I, therefore, second the idea that it is all a work and a buildup to a potential rivalry with Ricochet.

It is believed that Ricochet was none other than Prince Puma on the Lucha Underground circuit, someone I loved to watch! Still, there is no denying how great Ricochet is, even if you have seen him in the ring outside his alter ego Prince Puma. Pair that with an athletic and skilled wrestler like Velveteen Dream, and you might as well have the match of the year!

Adding to the controversy, Velveteen began addressing Ricochet directly on Facebook!

Would you like to see a rivalry between Ricochet and Velveteen Dream? Or do you believe he should battle with another recent indie arrival? Let us know in the comment section below.