The Eight Most Impressive Finishers in WWE History

A wrestler has it made when they have an impressive finisher; this has certainly been the case for the following wrestlers, who have been responsible for the best finishers in WWE history via BleacherReport.

The Stone Cold Stunner

When you think of the Stone Cold Stunner, you think about the Attitude Era. Of course, you also think about Vince McMahon getting his a$$ kicked. In short, the good old days. Thank you, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

The Rock Bottom

The Rock certainly needs to be mentioned here, because the Rock Bottom is one of those finishers that electrified the entire WWE universe. Of course, there is some confusion about his true finisher, because shortly after the Rock Bottom, he would do the people’s elbow. Confusion much?

Tombstone Piledriver

Not including the Tombstone Piledriver would be career suicide for any wrestling reporter! It is one of the most recognizable finishers in history, attributed to the phenom – the Undertaker. Even though many wrestlers are basing their finisher on the original tombstone, nobody does it like Taker. End of story!

Swanton Bomb


I have to admit, even though the Tombstone Piledriver is my favorite finisher, Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb is honestly on par with it in my opinion. You can look at other wrestlers doing a Swanton Bomb, but nobody does it just like Jeff!

Sweet Chin Music


Even though this move is not as spectacular as Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb or the Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver, Sweet Chin Music should certainly be on this list. The move was made great by Shawn Michaels and his ability to entertain the crowd. Of course, this means that other wrestlers have tried to replicate it, but failed!

The Pedigree


The Pedigree was made big by Triple H and has been adopted by current WWE superstar Seth Rollins, the former protege of the game. I do have to say that Seth does the legacy of the game proud, but I feel like the Game is far from done where wrestling is concerned.

The Chokeslam


Even though the Undertaker was the first to use a Chokeslam in WWE wrestling, many associate this finisher with the Big Show and Kane. Of course, this is not a big surprise, because Big Show’s immense strength has been entertaining us for years and the devil’s favorite demon has been terrifying us for years. Of course, to get some beautiful Chokeslams, we kindly refer you to the compilation of Undertaker Chokeslams.


The last in our list of most impressive finishers is Randy Orton’s RKO. I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of Randy Orton where his personality is concerned, but I cannot deny that he is a good wrestler. The RKO is still one of the most recognizable finishers, even though finisher no longer means a thing in this day and age.

Now that I have disclosed my view on the most impressive finisher, I would love to learn yours! Post your top five with favorite finisher below, and I look forward to discovering each and every single one! 

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