Being a wrestler means you have to put your body in the hands of someone else and that requires a considerable amount of trust. Unfortunately, this trust is sometimes betrayed, especially when a wrestler gets seriously injured because of the actions of another. Now, an Impact Wrestling star is under fire for a failed baseball bat stunt. Here is the story.

Baseball Blunder

The incident occurred during a match between Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards. After defeating Callihan, Edwards was subjected to a brutal yet scripted attack. However, things went wrong horribly when Callihan hit Edwards in the eye with a baseball bat.

Serious Injury

Edwards came out with a severe injury since the stunt with the baseball bat left him with a broken eye socket and orbital bone. The response of wrestling fans was not a positive one, and neither was the response of various wrestlers and wrestling legends.

Impact Wrestling star Edwards got loads of well-wishes from fans as well as other wrestlers; this includes current WWE superstar Finn Balor. Fortunately, Edwards confirmed later that he was okay on social media.

Thanks to everyone checking in. I’m good, couple of broken bones, couple cuts, and a sweet black eye. Some days you’re the bat, some days you’re my eye.”

Cornette Chimes In

Well, it is to be expected that Jim Cornette has something to say about this. I’m not a big fan of the man myself, but he certainly had the wrestling world taking with the following statement.

“OK, I just saw this for the first time – @TheEddieEdwards should have beat the s*** out of this stupid f***. He set it up shoddy, was careless with his s****y swing & they shouldn’t have been doing it to begin with. Who the f*** “trained” @TheSamiCallihan ? I’m f***ing hot.”

Callihan did not take Cornette’s words lying down though since he responded in a less than professional fashion.

“This hurts Jimmy…. I’ll just keep watching my bank account go up.”

Kassius Ohno, currently signed to WWE’s developmental brand, chimed in and responded to Callihan’s inappropriate tweet.

“Really? Really? There is ZERO correlation between how much money you make & what happened in that ring. You should be embarrassed. ASHAMED.”

Getting the Most from His Publicity

It seems like Callihan is hellbent on getting the most from this negative publicity, making some strong statements when interviewed by TMZ Sports. 

“I hit this man in the face with a baseball bat, and the last 24 hours I’ve been getting all this hate and all this negativity online. And Impact says, ‘Yo, you have to go out of your way to make this right. People are saying we crossed the line.’

“So from the bottom of my heart, I have to tell each and every single one of you – I’m not sorry for a single thing that happened. Look at me and tell me I am not being serious! I do not feel bad!”

“TMZ is messaging and interviewing Eddie Edwards when they should be interviewing me! The most dangerous man in professional wrestling today.

“Oh yeah. And, Jim Cornette? You can kiss my ass, too.”

Let the media firestorm begin!

Callihan is now hoping to profit from the attack and controversy

What do you think about the incident and Callihan’s reaction to it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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