Neville Returning To WWE In April?

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer (via Fightful), Neville could be returning to WWE come April.

King Neville

I seriously hope this is true because as a HUGE Neville fan all the back and forth has been killing me.

Neville disappeared from WWE – and pro wrestling in general – in October, when he walked away in discontent with the direction of his career and the Cruiserweight division. His contract was subsequently frozen, and ever since there’s been tons of back and forth speculation about whether he’ll ever return. Previous reports indicated that WWE was negotiating for his return in November, but those talks were stalled in December.

Now, however, it appears talks have reopened, with April as the targeted time for his return. Of course, WrestleMania is April 8th and will feature the final to the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Neville will be included on the card.

When and if Neville does make his triumphant return, however, WWE will need to make some serious changes in how they book the King of the Cruiserweights.

Stuck In The Cruiserweight Division?

It’s my humble opinion that WWE’s decision to keep Neville confined to the Cruiserweight division was a complete and utter waste of his talent. Neville has proven time and time again that he can go with the “heavyweights”: he was the longest reigning NXT Champion until Finn Balor; he was nearly crowned King of the Ring in 2015, and his match against John Cena was one of the best in the all-around critically acclaimed the United States Open Challenge series.

If and when Neville returns, I fully expect him to first go after the Cruiserweight Championship, a title that I think we all can agree he should never have lost to Enzo Amore. But once his reign with the Cruiserweight title runs its course (or if, for whatever reason, he fails to capture it), it would be smart of WWE to give Neville the opportunity to go after one of the second-tier titles, whether it be the Intercontinental or the United States Championship. Again, he’s more than capable of carrying those titles – WWE just has to let him do it.

Alternatively, if WWE doesn’t let Neville broaden his horizons outside 205 Live following his hypothetical return, I’d guess it’d only be a matter of time before he left – again.

So please, WWE: if Neville returns, let him be more than just the King of the Cruiserweights.

Do you want Neville back in WWE? Would you like to see him compete outside of the Cruiserweight division? Share your thoughts and comments below!