Little Girl’s School Presentation On Asuka Proves Impact Of ‘Women’s Evolution’

WWE has been pushing the hell out of its women’s division for the last two years, and if you took a drink every time someone referenced the “Women’s Evolution” on WWE programming, you’d be feeling pretty good pretty quick. But if you think WWE is going overboard promoting all the history their women are making, the video below proves otherwise. Earlier this month, Steve Sauselein tweeted that his daughter chose to do her Women’s History Month school project on the winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble, Asuka. Sauselein explained that his daughter was presenting Asuka with the Women’s History Belt.

Sauselein later tweeted a video of his daughter’s presentation. In the clip, she explains exactly why she picked Asuka for her project:Β β€œI’m presenting Asuka with the Women’s History Belt for proving women can wrestle just as good as the boys can.”

If that’s not cool enough, Asuka responded to Sauselein’s tweet.

As a female wrestling fan, this little girl’s presentation couldn’t make me happier or prouder of how far women’s wrestling has come. I wasn’t much older than this girl when I first started watching wrestling, and back then the only women I had to look up to were Stephanie McMahon, Lita, and Trish Stratus. But today, little girls like Sauselein’s daughter have dozens of women proving that they can do anything just as good as the men – and sometimes, they do it even better.

But the Women’s Evolution isn’t just good for girls; it’s also helping to show young boys that women are capable, worthy and more than just eye candy.

So the next time you want to scoff at the “Women’s Evolution,” think of this little girl and all the other ones like her out in the WWE Universe. This movement means something to them, just like the “Golden Age” or “Attitude Era” of wrestling meant something to us when we were kids.

Do you agree that WWE’s Women’s Evolution is making a positive impact on young fans? Share your thoughts and comments below!