John Cena Challenges The Undertaker For Real

John Cena’s mid-life crisis has been one of the most Dad-tastic WWE storylines in recent memory. The 40-year-old is looking at the twilight of his career, and “Big Match John” just can’t seem to build his own path to Wrestlemania.

As preposterous as this is, Cena has been on a bit of losing streak recently when it comes to major matches. The rumors behind this were that Cena was angling for a match with the Undertaker. Cena, however, deliberately and loudly dismissed the notion with so much forced empathic energy it read like a guy claiming that through tears that the break-up was “mutual.” Whatever you say, John.

Cena’s “last chance” to make it to Wrestlemania was the 6-Pack challenge for the WWE title at Smackdown’s Fastlane. But John Cena lost and the man was NOT happy about it.

So, that meant we got a sappy fake retirement speech from Cena on Raw, right? But instead…

John Cena went out into the crowd and drank a beer.

And then he said this.

At first, it seemed like Cena was joking. But his promo called the Undertaker a “coward” and even called him out for posting exercise picks on his wife’s Instagram.

This match looks like it is actually happening. I wasn’t on-board with it. Until this segment from John Cena.

Are you excited for John Cena and the Undertaker? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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