Hillbilly Jim Entering The Hall Of Fame!

This year’s WWE Hall of Fame class seems to has a southern feel to it. Georgia native Goldberg, backcountry (and Florida) based Dudley Boyz and WCW and Memphis stalwart Jeff Jarrett. Now WWE is adding another southern star, late-80s WWF legend Hillbilly Jim!

Born James Morris, he is best known for his six-year run in WWF and a member of the WWE Network reality show, Legends House. Jim wrestled alongside Hulk Hogan but is just as well-known for his managerial duties.

Via WWE.com

Opting to compete in his overalls and entering the ring with a lucky horseshoe around his neck, Hillbilly Jim proved to be a prodigy inside the squared circle, using his incredible power to squeeze opponents into submission with his trademark bear hug. Though an injury sidelined him early in his WWE career, that did not stop Jim from introducing the WWE Universe to his extended family – Uncle Elmer, Cousin Junior and Cousin Luke – a trio of happy-go-lucky hillbillies that put smiles on the faces of fans around the world with their antics in the ring.

Besides his cousins, Hillbilly managed the Godwins and voiced himself in Hulk Hogan’s Rock n Wrestling. He started wrestling in the Memphis territory as “Harley Davidson” teaming with “Dirty Rhodes” in a heel stable that seemed to be the bizarro-world versions of Harley Race and Dusty Rhodes.

Why Hillbilly Jim Deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

Despite a brief career in the ring, Jim enters the Hall of Fame as one of the most well-known and popular gimmicks in WWF history. Hillbilly Jim pre-dated a lot of the more outlandish characters of the “New Generation.” As WWF focused on children’s characters, the Hillbilly was a prominent and loveable character who combined folksy charm while still being a larger than life persona.

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