Fastlane: Five Moments We Loved And Two We Hated

The final PPV before Wrestlemania, Fastlane, was good! Every match seemed to hum along nicely and the main event was crazy good with a satifiying ending that left us wanting much more.  The show had low expectations with many fans content to sit this one out. Those of us who stuck around were rewarded handsomely. 2018 is young, but this is already my favorite show of the year.

Here are five things we loved and two things we really didn’t like about the evening.


Nakamura vs. Rusev

These two had a hot and and powerful opener filled with kicks, throws and a moment when it looked like Nakamura surely died of death.  For a match put together at the last minute, these two went out and proved why they’re marquee stars.


Rusev Day only being “Duly Noted”

Rusev continues to be an after-thought. The crowd chants his name and goes nuts for him, but he still wrestles and acts like a heel. Curiously the crowd goes along with this. What does the future hold for Rusev?


Asuka Challenging Charlotte

This is grand news! I’m calling right now that Charlotte and Asuka have the match of the show at Wrestlemania. Expect them to get a lot of time. This clears the path for Nia Jax to face off against Alexa Bliss for the Raw title as well.


Usos And New Day Trading Finishers

These two have been evenly matched for nearly a year. The two stalwarts of the Smackdown tag division were on such an equal level that the teams decided to try on eachother’s finishing moves. First the Usos hit the Midnight Hour, then Kofi went high with a Uso-esque splash. The match looked like it was a series of escalating dares until a surprise team showed up and wrecked the place.


Seeing Xavier Woods Break His Back

When the Bludgedon Bros came out to bludgeon, they destroyed everyone. But Xavier Woods got the worst of it. The two behemoths blasted Woods onto the steel steeps with a devestating powerbomb. Woods needed to be stretchered out of the arena.

Via WWE, Xavier looks like he’ll be out for a while:

“Our preliminary diagnosis is multiple thoracic contusions,” explained WWE medical personnel of Woods’ injury. “We’re currently in the process of having him evaluated with X-rays and possibly an MRI for any further damage, such as ruptured discs or fractures of the thoracic spine.”


Everyone Looking Good In the Main Event

Every wrestler wants to “Get Their Stuff In” during a match. Their “stuff” being their signature moves and holds and a chance to look like a credible winner. This happened with all six competitors in the WWE title match. From John Cena AA-ing nearly everyone to start the match to Barcon Corbin destroying the field and throwing Dolph Ziggler into the stands, every compeitotor looked credible and strong. I was skeptical that this match could pull-off the feat of making everyone in the match seem like a real threat. As usual, I am glad to be wrong. If you haven’t watched this one yet, make a point to check it out.

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