Edge & Christian Will Induct The Dudleys Into The Hall of Fame

GET THE TABLES! And the podiums! The Dudley Boyz are going into the WWE Hall of Fame!!

And to make it even awesome, the team will be inducted into the Hall by one of their greatest rivals.

Who Else Will Join This Year?

Goldberg, Mark Henry, Hillbilly Jim, Jeff Jarrett, Ivory, Kid Rock (celebrity inductee) are the rest of the class of 2018.

We’ve detailed some of the most significant snubs from the Hall so far, and Goldberg, the Dudleys, and Bam Bam all made the list.

The WWE Hall of Fame has no real criteria and is the complete invention of Vince McMahon, but wrestlers and fans consider induction a pinnacle and sign that you’ve made a lasting impression in WWE and wrestling in general.

Plenty of controversial names won’t make the HoF for one reason or another. CM Punk won’t be in for the foreseeable future due to legal issues with WWE. Chris Benoit will never be in the Hall of Fame because he murdered his family and that should just about disqualify him from any accolades ever. It took Randy Savage over 20 years to get in the Hall due to rumors and petty backstage politics. Same with Bruno Sammartino and others. There are still plenty of big and legendary names not yet in the WWE Hall of Fame.

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