Curt Hawkins’ Incredible Losing Streak, Explained

We talked a while back about WWE “enhancement talent” Curt Hawkins was the ultimate weapon for Vince McMahon. His historical losing streak means that with each defeat he becomes that much more powerful. This is because whenever he does win, it will be monumental and no-doubt a sign that his opponent is destined for the bottom or a radical change.

But, Hawkins wasn’t always the streaking losing phenom. He started off his career as a lackey of Edge alongside fellow surprising vet, Zack Ryder.

Hawkins took to Twitter to reflect on how far his career as gone and from a “wrestling” standpoint, fallen.

It is easy to dismiss Hawkins as a “bad” wrestler because he doesn’t ever win. But the nature of wrestling means that to lose as often as he does, you need to be able to lose well. Curt Hawkins is actually a very, very good wrestler. Hawkins, similar to Rhyno and Heath Slater and Barry Horowitz and Brooklyn Brawler of days past are valuable to the company because of how they can make established, and up-and-coming talents look like massive monsters and stars. Many in the wrestling business think of the term “jobber” is pejorative and inaccurate.

Jim Cornette explains how long-term jobbers could become successful.

Here’s Barry Horowitz explaining “enhancement talent.”

Al Snow explains what a “jobber” really means.

Hawkins may very well be one of the more valuable roster members. Even if he isn’t defeating the Undertaker anymore.

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