Bullet Club Planning To Go “All In” On Massive Event September 1st

It all started with a challenge, now an impossible event is becoming a reality.

Here’s the full story of how “All In” to be.

Dave Meltzer is one of the world’s best-known wrestling journalists. Of course, this does not mean he is resting on his laurels because this well-known journalist has now issued a challenge to Cody Rhodes.

What Is the Challenge?

When Dave Meltzer was asked if Ring of Honour could sell out an arena with more than 10,000 fans, Meltzer gave the following short answer on his Twitter:

Cody Rhodes is itching to prove Dave Meltzer wrong, so he is taking on the challenge of filling an ROH event with over 10,000 fans.

He accepted the challenge with the following tweet:

Can Cody Rhodes Do It?

At first, I had to agree with Dave Meltzer. Our colleague makes a good point, it would be an uphill battle to put 10,000 people in the seats for an ROH event. However, this does not mean I want Cody to fail. Quite the opposite. I propose we use the pull we have as wrestling fans and make this challenge a reality!

Suggestions By Fans

Wrestling fans have been quite vocal where the match card is concerned. Of course, their opinion is valuable in this instance. They are the ones that fill the seats.

Cody suggested having the Young Bucks and himself on the match card. In my opinion, this is a great pick, but it could be even better. What if you would add Kenny Omega to the list? I’m sure he would be a great seat filler!

Why Add Kenny Omega to the Event?

If you are not familiar with wrestling outside the WWE, the name Kenny Omega might not mean much to you. Still, Kenny Omega is one of the biggest names in the indie circuit, so he is bound to attract some people to the ROH event. It is only a matter of time before he is signed by WWE, so it is a good idea to go check him out now!

Challenge: Accepted.

Months later, it appears that Cody and the rest of the Bullet Club are taking Meltzer up on his challenge. And they’re putting their money where their mouths are.

Sources tell us the wrestler has been dedicated to making it happen since, so the trio recently decided to take things into their own hands by self-financing the event — which is tentatively being called “All In” — and things have been rapidly progressing the past few weeks towards an official announcement.

Cody tweeted a photo last weekend showing the group on a scouting mission with Marty Scurll.

We’re told the current front-runner locations for the show are Chicago, London, San Francisco and Ontario, California (where Bullet Club’s WWE invasion took place).

It also appears that the Young Buck’s chief employer, Ring of Honor, may assist with the logistics of the event.

Filling a 10,000-seat arena with non-WWE wrestling talent would be monumental. Granted, WWE does this multiple times every week but proving that someone else could do it would be a great way to keep WWE on their toes.

They’re Going ALL IN

Cody released the date and name of the event: they are going “ALL IN”!

And there will be some massive star power behind it. Beyond other members of the Bullet Club, Steven Ammell the star of “Arrow” will be in attendance:

And now “All In” has a venue. The Sears Centre Arena in the suburban Chicagoland area. Will you be “All-In”?

Will you support Cody in his quest? Let us know in the comment section below!