YouTube Personality Body-Shames Nia Jax At Royal Rumble; Jax Responds

Despite how far women’s wrestling has come, it’s a sad reality that there remains a subset of mouth-breathing smarks who still judge women wrestlers primarily based on their looks. Exhibit A: YouTube personality Grim of “Grim’s Toy Show.”

Full disclosure: until writing this article I’d never heard of Grim or his “toy show,” and to be quite frank I can’t deduce what the point of “Grim’s Toy Show” is. According to Grim’s Twitter profile, “Grims [sic] toy show is the first ever wrestling reality show on youtube!” But I have no idea what that means and clicking the link to his YouTube channel doesn’t offer any clarification. My best guess is that “Grim’s Toy Show” started off as a channel dedicated to unboxing/reviewing wrestling figures and toys and somehow evolved into a backyard wrestling federation.


Anyway, Grim attended the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia this past Sunday. Like a lot of loser “smart fans” who pretend to understand wrestling, he thought it would be a neat idea to film his reactions to the match live. And when it came to Nia Jax’s entrance in the women’s Royal Rumble match, Grim reacted by repeatedly calling her a “battle cow” and making disparaging comments on her weight.

In a word, this is disgusting. And it didn’t take long for Nia herself to fire back.

Nia hit the nail on the head here. While it’s bad enough that Grim loudly and publicly body shamed a woman in the first place, it’s a million times worse than he did it in front of a young, impressionable girl. I seriously hope that girl in the video isn’t his daughter because he’s clearly a terrible role model.

For what it’s worth, Grim later removed the video from his personal channels and sent Nia an apology, for which she thanked him.

I sincerely hope Grim learned from his moronic mistake – and the rest of the mouth-breathers too.