WWE Signs Former TNA Indian Star! Replacement for Jinder Mahal?

The WWE is buzzing with a newly signed superstar at the moment. Fans are speculating about more than just a great new addition to the roster because the freshly signed star is none other than former TNA star Amanpreet Singh.

Indian Expansion

It is no secret that the WWE has been trying to conquer the Indian market. To do so, they placed Jinder Mahal at the forefront of the SmackDown Live brand, only for the whole thing to fall flat on its face weeks later.

The signing of Indian superstar Amanpreet Singh is a clear sign to fans that the WWE is still fighting to conquer the Indian market, but doing it the right way the second time around.

Contrary to Jinder Mahal, who went from jobber to champion with lightning speed, Amanpreet Singh will start his journey in NXT. I expect that the wrestler will work his way up to the main roster and eventually become a champion the Indian nation can stand behind. Of course, this is just what I believe the WWE is planning.

Who Is Amanpreet Singh?

Before we get further into details about the WWE’s motives by recruiting Amanpreet Singh, let us look at little closer at this superstar and his accomplishments.

Wrestling fans who have watched Impact Wrestling might recognize the latest superstar signed to the WWE because he wrestled in TNA under the name Mahabali Shera.

Still, it does stand out to me that Singh does not have as much experience as some of the other wrestlers that have been signed by NXT in the past. Even though he has been wrestling since 2011, his range of finishing and signature moves are quite limited in my humble opinion. Once again, this supports my theory that the WWE has recruited Singh with an ulterior motive. While I have no doubt he will have to prove himself, it does make you wonder about the recruitment policy of the WWE at the moment. I can name at least a hundred wrestlers with a lot more experience, even though I enjoy seeing Singh in the ring.

Despite a lack of some experience, because let’s face it that is what he will get in NXT, Singh does have some titles under his belt; this includes the Slam Wrestling Championship and the PWAS Heavyweight Championship. He also won the Global Impact Tournament with Team International, a team including the Great Sanada, Drew Galloway, the Great Muta, Tigre Uno, Bram, Rockstar Spud, Magnus, Sonjay Dutt and Angelina Love.

Will Amanpreet Singh Replace Jinder Mahal?

jinder mahal championship

The fact that the WWE has increased the recruitment of Indian superstars has not gone unnoticed, so one does have to wonder if the WWE is considering the new superstar as a more permanent replacement for Jinder Mahal. Still, if he puts in the work and becomes a genuine champion, I see no problems with it whatsoever.

You do have to wonder where that leaves Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers. I still believe there is a future for him as a heel, but he must grow his abilities before he can be considered as a severe threat by the fans. I also believe the Singh Brothers have a future in the tag team division.

What are your thoughts about the latest recruit of the NXT brand? Let us know in the comment section below!