Wrestlers Reveal Their Worst And Weirdest Fears!

Wrestlers are strong and brave. They do death-defying stunts in and out the ring. Putting their bodies constantly at risk for our entertainment. But they’re also humans. They have hopes and fears just like the rest of us. WWE.com decided to ask wrestlers what they’re really afraid of. Some of these answers surprised us.

Rhyno Fears What Is Too Small To Gore

“Mice … also rats, but definitely mice. If I see a mouse in my place, I would probably scream like a girl and jump up on the chair.

Curt Hawkins Has To Turn Three Times And Spit

“In addition, while it isn’t exactly a phobia, I also get very superstitious and have a lot of rituals I do around a match. If I don’t do them, I have a fear of things going wrong in the ring.“

Karl Anderson Won’t Join The Elevator Club

“I despise elevators. I think it started when I was in Japan, for one reason or another. Whenever the elevator takes off too slow or the door doesn’t open quick enough, I start to freak out a little bit

Scroll down to see why Nikki Bella is always out, one thing Sasha Banks would never wear, and why it almost makes sense that Heath Slater is never on TV.

Sasha Bank’s Fear Of Smooth Fabrics

“I also hate the feeling, specifically the texture, of velvet. It gives me severe chills.”

Heath Slater Is In The Wrong Profession

“Ironically, I have a real phobia about being in front of a big audience. You know, I’m always in front of a huge crowd in WWE, and I play it cool, but inside I am terrified as hell. I’m staring the devil in his eyes or something.”

Don’t leave Nikki Bella Out!

Oh, also ‘FOMO.’ That’s probably my biggest phobia. I have major fear of missing out. And that’s why I never sleep. I always want to be at every party, every event, hanging out with everyone.”

What is your biggest fear? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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