Video: Boyfriend Surprises Girlfriend’s Little Brother With WWE Tickets For Birthday

Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness have the most significant impact. That was the case for one young fan who was surprised with WWE tickets for his birthday.

Monday Night Raw was in San Jose, California, this week, and one young fan begged his parents to go to the show for his birthday. However, as any WWE fan knows tickets aren’t exactly cheap, and the boy’s parents told him they didn’t have the money.

Understandably, the boy was upset. But then his older sister’s boyfriend decided to surprise him with tickets to the show – and you have to see his heartwarming reaction.

The fact that this kid didn’t expect anything even as they were walking around the venue is truly astounding. In my opinion that just goes to show how much he deserved such a wonderful birthday surprise.

Unsurprisingly, the video went viral – and Triple H even shared it.

Say what you want about WWE  but you can never accuse them of not doing enough for their fans. They routinely go above and beyond to put smiles on kids’ faces, and I think that’s something a lot of us adult fans tend to take for granted. We often get too wrapped up in the behind-the-scenes drama and politics of the business and forget about the unbridled joy that it used to bring us when we were young. Let’s take a cue from this young fan and just learn to appreciate it again.

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