Sami Zayn Presented With Major Humanitarian Award

Sami Zayn might portray an annoying spaz on SmackDown, but behind the scenes, it’s clear that he cares about people – and he was recently honored with a major humanitarian award recognizing his fundraising efforts for war-torn Syria.

Zayn, who is Syrian-Canadian, first announced his “Sami For Syria” initiative in July 2017, with the goal being to fund a mobile medical clinic in Syria. Proving the generosity of Zayn’s fans, it only took a month to reach his $48,000 goal.

But Zayn didn’t stop his fundraising with one mobile clinic. In December, he upped the ante by running a special promotion to match whatever fans donated on Christmas Day. That ended up being $10,000.

Indeed, Zayn’s fundraising initiative is still going; and over the weekend, he was recognized for his incredible work when the Syrian American Medical Society presented him with The Humanitarian Award.

Zayn’s acceptance speech was uploaded onto WWE’s official YouTube channel. Watch below.

The things wrestlers do for their fans – and just people in general – never ceases to amaze me.

Of course, there is much more to be done in Syria and it’s difficult to imagine the horrors that the Syrian people are currently living through. Zayn undoubtedly recognizes just how lucky he is that his parents were able to immigrate to Canada and make a better life for their family, and I’m sure he’ll continue to do whatever he can to help those still living in Syria.

If you’d like to help Zayn’s cause in providing mobile medical care for the people of Syria, be sure to donate at

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