Pushes Are Over For These Major WWE Stars!

Nobody wants to hear that their run at the top in the WWE is over, but it does seem to be the case for these significant WWE stars. According to Forbes, Vince McMahon and company believes the following wrestlers have reached their glass ceiling.

Dolph Ziggler

Even though Dolph has been somewhat successful in the WWE, he does seem to be one of those forgotten champions. Despite being pushed for a certain amount of time, the WWE seems to have given up on the show-off.

Dolph Ziggler entered on number thirty in the 2018 Royal Rumble and was eliminated after only two minutes in the ring. It was almost an accumulation of Ziggler’s career in the past few years. A lot of hype, but nothing exciting.

Bray Wyatt

Despite his current rivalry with Woken Matt Hardy, the WWE sees little point in pushing Bray Wyatt after failed rivalries with Randy Orton and Finn Balor.

Bray Wyatt may shoot amazing promos, however many of us have been left wanting after underwhelming matches. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Wyatt has more to give, but rumors backstage seem to indicate Bray’s push is over for now.


wwe bayley role model

One of the WWE superstars of which it is known that another push is out of the question, for the time being, is Bayley. Still, the end of her promotion is no fault of her own in my opinion, but the fault of the character the WWE wanted her to be.

I do not expect the company to promote Bayley anytime soon, but I do hope she makes a comeback at one point. Once she can break through the horrible persona the creative team put up for her in 2017, Bayley could be one of the major stars on the roster. I just hope the WWE sees it that way too.



Now, opinions are all over the place on this one. My sources have told me there is a significant push coming for Rusev, but many people believe that Rusev is doomed to stay on the mid-card.

Despite the popularity of “Rusev Day,” WWE shows little interest in making Rusev a serious contender for the world title. Instead, he will be gunning for the United States championship once again. If he loses, he is doomed to remain a comedy act on the mid-card.

Baron Corbin

The WWE believed that Corbin would be one of their leading talents when he made his way to the main roster. WWE officials even thought he would be THE main guy, taking the role Braun Strowman has now. However, Corbin failed to deliver and is going from big attraction to the man nobody wants to see.

WWE officials still believe Corbin has a future in the mid-card section, but even that would be a stretch according to backstage rumors. While I certainly feel sorry for Corbin, I have to agree that most of his matches have been uninteresting to watch. The character is there, but the matches just do not deliver. The only redeeming quality in my opinion? His “End of Days” finisher.

Which star do you hope will still be pushed by the WWE? Is the WWE making a mistake by not pushing a talent on this list? Let us know in the comment section below.