Over 20 Secrets WWE Doesn’t Want The Fans To Know

WWE prides itself on secrecy and surprises. The idea that “anything” could happen is a massive factor in WWE’s popularity. At any moment someone could turn on a friend, an underdog could capture a title, or a long-gone fan favorite can make a surprising return.

But that secrecy, as is always the case, comes with a dark side. WWE is so secretive that they hide nearly everything not directly related to wrestling from their fans. From backstage drama, who Vince hates, and where the next big WrestleMania will be, there are dozens of secrets the WWE doesn’t want you to know.

We did a little research, dug through our reporting, and found over 20 of the biggest, weirdest, and sometimes darkest secrets that WWE doesn’t want the fans to know.

We’ll start off with a rumor so devestating, that it could rip WWE apart.