NXT Signee Lio Rush Rumored To Be Heading To 205 Live

If you’re a big name in independent wrestling it is not a question of if you’ll sign with NXT, but when. Triple H has built his own brand of home-grown and indie wrestling talent down in Florida. While it is certainly in the same company as WWE, the feel of it is completely new. If Raw and Smackdown is the “Land of the Giants” then NXT is home to the scrappy little guy. The NXT brand has a wider variety of styles and workers than the main roster. There is no NXT style and no “NXT type” instead it is a place where the cream rises to the top and the best compete against the best.

In the last 3 years, the surge of talent into NXT has been undeniable. Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe, and now The “Undisputed Era” are just a few of the big “free agents” that have joined the Black and Yellow brand.

Late last year, another indie superstar showed up. He didn’t get much ring time, but his inclusion into NXT is a sign that big things are on the way for him.

Of course, as soon as Rush debuted with WWE he got himself into trouble after a classless tweet about the firing of Emma led to the entire NXT roster roasting him on Twitter.

But it seems like that could all be over. It looks like the young high-flyer could be getting a call-up pretty early.

This would be a surprise and a good move. Rush is one of the most exciting young prospects to come along in some time. No one moves quite like him in the ring. And he’s barely 20. Rush has a whole career in front of him.

Who is Lio Rush?

Lio Rush is 22 and has been wrestling for less than three years. He shot up the indie ranks at a nearly unprecedented pace. In three years Rush won the CZW Wired and World Heavyweight Championships and the ROH Top Prospect Tournament. If there is such a thing as a “natural” in wrestling, Rush fits the mold.

He’s a high flyer who can throw punches and kicks with the best of them. And again…he is 22 years old. The sky is the limit for this guy.

As for an NXT connection, Rush teamed-up and trained on the indies with Tough Enough competitor Patrick Clark (now known as The Velveteen Dream) another exception and exceptionally young talent. And from the news from the taping, the two will be involved in a bit of a feud moving forward.

Here are a few highlights from Rush’s short but remarkable career.


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